Who are we?

2CVParisTour is a French company based in Paris, offering 2CV sightseeing tours in Paris. It has been created Marc, a true lover of the 2CV car, and …his 2CV car Eglantine!

How the adventure started…

Marc loves vintage cars and especially the 2CVs. During more than 15 years, he learned everything about this iconic car, the little subtleties of driving one in Paris, the differences between each model, and even how to replace any part from a steering wheel to a carburettor.

Marc also fell in love with Paris at a young age. He learned as much as he could about the city, and more generally about French History. After a couple of years experimenting for finding the right way to do it, he decided to try to make a living from it. He searched for a while before finding Eglantine in countryside Britanny. Slowly but surely, Eglantine grew on him: he learned everything about her, drove her everyday until the team was ready, and then started offering tours with her.


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2CV Paris Tour headquarters are here : 2CV Paris Tour, 3, rue Saint Charles, 75015 Paris, FRANCE. You can also write to us.

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Paris sightseeing tours in a French 2CV car!