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2CV A la Carte : Create your tour!

Welcome to our ultimate custom tour page! Here, it is YOU who creates the tour! We offer to bring you exactly where you want to go! Combining our experienced drivers to a tour tailored to your wishes will lead to an amazing experience!

We selected more than 70 of the best places and hidden gems of Paris, and made a list divided into five zones, to help to you to determine the ones that you wish to include.

Information about the tour :

– Duration : 3 hours
– Monuments you can include : 40 –
– Price : 380€ per car ( up to 3 people ) –

Every “2CV  A la Carte” tour is unique, and you can freely create the trip you’re looking for! We hope you’ll like it!

Just fill the form below and pick 40 monuments in the list. We will send you a detailed confirmation within 24 hours. If the time slot chosen is already booked, we will let you know and offer you the closest one.

 In order to help you to choose the best places, we added a photo and description of all the 70 spots at the end of the page!

Update: We are not offering this tour at the moment but do not hesitate to check the 2CV Great Escape (3h30) or the Grand 2CV Paris Tour (3h). These two are great alternatives to the 2CV A la Carte Tour!

Click on the picture to know which monument is on it!

If you need a more detailed description, just take a look at our “What to see in Paris?” page!

– What’s in the North of Paris –

 – What’s in the South of Paris –

– What’s in the Center of Paris –

– What’s in the West of Paris –

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