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We usually reply within 24h. If we don’t get in touch with you after 1 day, please, check your email address and try again or use another contact method.


Contact us via :

Phone : +33781695925 ( a regular french number )

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Wechat : Our ID is “the2cvparistourteam”

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Terms and Conditions

2CVParisTour‘s wish is to make you live an unforgettable experience in the french 2CV! We ask you to read the following terms and conditions.

These terms and conditions are governed by the legal provisions on the transport of persons.

Booking via and, you fully agree with the following conditions.


I ) You and Us :

You, defined as customer and us defined as 2CVParisTour.

2CVParisTour has all the legal authorizations required to perform the business of transporting persons.

2CVParisTour also has all insurances required to operate as transporter of persons :


Certification given by the legal french autorities to operate as a tourism transporter n° : EVCT075130631.

Insurance n° : 75639305X002.

Headquarters at : 3, rue Saint Charles, 75015 Paris FRANCE


II ) The service :

2CVParisTour offers a service of transport for civil persons in a french 2CV Citroën car. This service is generally designated as “Tour”.

a ) The duration of a tour is determined by the selected offer an cannot exceed more than 1 hour compared to the duration determined by the initial offer.

b ) The tour content is defined as is, in the offer selected, but may include, by agreement between the customer and the driver, modifications if both parties agree to this change wholeheartedly.

c ) The customer can be accompanied by two other persons of his choice. The maximum transport capacity, ( driver not included ) is 3 people. Children can join the tour if accompanied by an adult. We don’t provide child booster seats but you can use yours.

d ) When booking a tour on the website, the customer fills out a form.

The customer must provide :

- If possible, a valid phone number ( in case of difficulty to find the meeting point, or delay , the driver will try to contact the customer ). If no phone number is defined and that 2CVParisTour needs to contact you, 2CVParisTour cannot be held responsible in case of cancellation.

- A valid email address for choosing the meeting point and the beginning of the tour.

About the personal data provided during the booking process : We will never share the information you provide with anyone, or any company, nor for marketing purposes neither for any other purposes. The only case of sharing would be a legal request from the french state administration. Your data is only and strictly used for the booking.

About the Customer reviews system : We are glad to give you a page dedicated to your feedback on our service. Your satisfaction is our priority. Please, do not abuse of this service by posting comments that could have negative effects on our business. Do not use it for spamming, flooding, and anything else. 2CVParisTour keeps the entire right to moderate or not publish your comment, if it does not follow these rules.

e ) The meeting point is chosen by the customer when booking, by using the box on the booking system created for this purpose. It must be valid postal address in Paris . It cannot be changed the day of the tour. However, it is possible, by contacting 2CVParisTour via the contact form at the bottom of page or by phone, to request a change in the meeting point 24 hours in advance .

2CVParisTour will do its best to satisfy the customer request , but also reserves its right to cancel the tour. If the request is accepted by 2CVParisTour, a confirmation email will be sent to the customer .

f ) The place where the tour ends. It can be chosen by the customer when booking , using the box on the booking system. It can also be chosen during the tour. It must be valid postal address in Paris.

g ) Excepting special requests, made using the contact form or by phone, we do not organize regular sightseeing tours from 00:00AM to 9:00AM.

h ) The content of the tour may slightly vary depending on the timing, stops requested, customer’s demands or traffic jam. 2CVParisTour reserves its right to proceed to such modifications if necessary.

III ) Payment  :

The payment can only be made in cash and when the tour is completed. Payment by credit card or cheque is not possible. A receipt will be given to the customer at the end of tour.

IV ) The cancellation of the service :

2CVParisTour reserves its right, if a specific event occurs, or if a safety concern must be observed, to modify or cancel the tour. The cancellation of the tour does not imply endorsement by 2CVParisTour and no compensation can be claimed.

The tour is not paid in advance, therefore the cancellation will not result in refunding the customer. Cancellation can be done during the tour if the situation requires it, but also in advance. In this case, 2CVParisTour will notify the customer by email or by phone of the cancellation.

V ) The modification of the service :

Modifying the tour can also be done on the during the tour if the situation requires it, or at the request of the customer. The main causes of change can be :

- Strikes and other social events.

- Bad weather and other weather events that can deteriorate the quality of the service.

- Trafic jam.

- Accidents.

- Situations related to customer ( customer’s demand , but also inappropriate behavior,  customer’s sickness, customer’s desire to stop the tour before the end ).

The change to the service involves the payment thereof, provided that the change is accepted by the customer and the driver.

VI) The case of absolute necessity :

In case of absolute necessity, 2CVParisTour reserves the right not to provide the service. No refund will be made in this case. 2CVParisTour may also not be held responsible for such cancellation .

VII) Liability

2CVParisTour cannot be liable for any cancellation, from the company or from the customer, and for any reason. By accepting the tour, which is considered as accepted when the customer receives the booking confirmation, the customer accepts also wholeheartedly that :

- 2CVParisTour can’t be liable or held responsible for the cancellation.

- 2CVParisTour can’t support financially any loss resulting from a cancellation.

- The customer cannot use the review system or any review platform in order cause harm to the company after a cancellation.

VII ) Claim :

Any claim can be made ​​by mail at  the following address :


3, rue Saint Charles

75015 Paris

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2CVParisTour : Paris 2CV Tours! What to see in Paris?

2CV A la Carte : Create your tour!

Welcome to our ultimate custom tour page! Here, it is YOU who creates the tour! We offer to bring you exactly where you want to go! Combining our experienced drivers to a tour tailored to your wishes will lead to an amazing experience!

We selected more than 70 of the best places and hidden gems of Paris, and made a list divided into five zones, to help to you to determine the ones that you wish to include.

Information about the tour :

- Duration : 3 hours -
- Monuments you can include : 40 -
- Price : 380€ per car ( up to 3 people ) -


Every “2CV  A la Carte” tour is unique, and you can freely create the trip you’re looking for! We hope you’ll like it!

Just fill the form below and pick 40 monuments in the list. We will send you a detailed confirmation within 24 hours. If the time slot chosen is already booked, we will let you know and offer you the closest one.

 In order to help you to choose the best places, we added a photo and description of all the 70 spots at the end of the page!

Pick your favorite monuments in the list!

North of Paris

 The Opéra Garnier Place Vendôme The Eglise of Madeleine The Moulin de la Galette Passage des Princes The Moulin Rouge The Sacré Cœur Le Mur des Je T'aime Parc Monceau The Cité aux Fleurs The Russian Church Saint Serge Parc des Buttes Chaumont

South of Paris

 The Eglise saint Germain The Place Fürstenberg The Ecole Militaire The Quartier Latin Place Dauphine Place de l’Abbé Georges Hénocque Place de la Contrescarpe Place Denfert Rochereau Alpine Garden of Jardin des Plantes

Center of Paris

 The Arc de Triomphe The Musée du Louvre The Eglise saint Germain l’Auxerrois The Conciergerie Notre Dame of Paris The Hôtel de Ville The Archives Nationales The Centre Georges Pompidou The Ile saint Louis Place du marché sainte Catherine The Palais de Justice Place des Victoires The Saint Jacques Tower The Pont des Arts Passage Vivienne Passage Choiseul Passage des Panoramas Passage Verdeau Passage du Grand Cerf Galerie Colbert Galerie Vérot-Dodat Auberge de Nicolas Flamel Tour de Jean Saint Peur A l'Enseigne du Faucheur et du Faucon Saint Merry Church Square Saint Séverin Collège des Bernardins Saint Etienne du Mont and its Jubé The Flowers and Birds Marché Medieval Museum of Cluny

West of Paris

 The Trocadéro The Champs Elysées The Eiffel Tower The Musée Quai Branly The Invalides Place de la Concorde The Assemblée Nationale The Grand Palais The Petit Palais The Quartier of Saint Germain des Prés The Palais de l’Elysée The American Chuch of Paris Maison Loo Statue of Liberty - Ile aux Cygnes

East of Paris

 The Forney Library The Port de l’Arsenal The Jardin des Plantes The Great Mosquée de Paris The Arenas de Lutèce The Saint Paul Village Place de la Bastille Place des Vosges Place de la Nation Rue de Lappe

Choose the day and time


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Pick up address

Copy the small code below :

Click on the picture to know which monument is on it!

If you need a more detailed description, just take a look at our “What to see in Paris?” page!

- What’s in the North of Paris -

 - What’s in the South of Paris -

- What’s in the Center of Paris -

- What’s in the West of Paris -

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2CVParisTour vintage paris tours

The Peugeot 504 Tour

Looking for another mythic car? Let us introduce the mythic Peugeot 504 Cabriolet!

The Peugeot 504, just like the 2CV is an amazing French car, extremely popular in France during the 60′s. Considered as one of the best day-to-day use car, it is now an icon of the French popular culture!

A Peugeot 504 tour in the streets of Paris really makes the difference and it will help to you to get your bearings in the city with style!

2CVParisTour Peugeot 504 Cabriolet

We offer 3 different 504 tours :

The Classic 504

120€ per car ( 1,2,3 people… same price! ) – A 1 hour guided tour with 15 monuments! Pick up : Anywhere from the 1st to 8th district!

The Legendary 504

240€ per car ( 1,2,3 people… same price! ) – A 2 hours guided tour with 30 monuments! Pick up : Anywhere from the 1st to 8th district!

The Grand 504 Tour

360€ per car ( 1,2,3 people… same price! ) – A 3 hours complete tour of Paris with more than 45 monuments! Pick up : Anywhere from the 1st to 8th district!

Choose the day and time

Your tour (required)


Your Name (required)

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Country of this number

Pick up address

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2CVParisTour - Food Walking Tour

2CVParisTour’s Food Walking Tour

Experience Paris as a food lover!

Paris is one of the best places in the World to enjoy some of the finest pastries, cheese and wine!

We therefore created a private walking tour based on our Picnic 2CV Tour, which will allow you to taste delicious French treats! As Parisians, we will only take you to places where locals go, and guide you to hidden places so you can enjoy all our delicious findings! Where will we take you? Secret! But we’ll only go to high standard places!

Our Food Walking Tour is not only a food tour, we will share with you interesting anecdotes and tell you about French Culture and History!

How does it work?
- Area covered during the tour : Le Marais -
- Meeting place : Saint Paul station -
- Duration : 2,5hrs -
- Up to 4 people -
- Price : 100€/person -

Ready? to try the experience? Simply fill the form below :

Choose the day and time

Your Name (required)

Your Email (required)

Your phone number (required)

Country of this number

No people

Copy the small code below :

Do not hesitate to contact us here , by sms or on Whatsapp at +33781695925 if you have some questions!


Private Walking Tours

There are many places in Paris that deserve a second visit and we know a perfect way to combine a 2CV tour, which will offer you a great overview of the city, to an experience off the beaten path, with a dedicated guide : A walking tour of Paris!

How does it work? We offer 3 private walking tours :


A visit of the oldest district of Paris. During a 2hrs tour with a dedicated guide, discover the hidden gems of one of the most charming places in Paris! From the small streets to the parks like Jardin of Anne Frank, we’ll take you to the best places!

Meeting point : 1 Avenue Victoria 75004 ( station Hôtel de Ville )



A 2hrs walking tour in the Hill of Montmartre. Montmartre is full of secrets! With a 2CV tour, you can easily discover the area, but with a walking tour, we can enter in the Basilica, visit the hidden gardens, and enjoy the Hill like a local!

Meeting point : 1 Place des Abbesses 75018 ( station Abbesses )



A 2hrs tour in the heart of Paris, including the famous Saint-Germain des Prés area, lovely spots like Cour du Commerce, amazing churches, back lanes, jazz clubs and librairies!

Meeting point : 1 Place Saint Michel 75006 ( station Saint Michel )

Ready? Simply fill the form below, and we’ll get back to you within the next 24hrs! If you have some questions, do not hesitate to email us or text / Whatsapp us at +33781695925!

Choose the day and time

Your tour (required)

Your Name (required)

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